All products are scaled to ensure accuracy and value for our clients

  • Road gravelĀ  (A-Traffic, C-Traffic…)
  • Base products (A-Base, C-Base…)
  • Asphalt Products (Bituminous mix single or Split aggregate)
  • Concrete gravel (single, split, or custom blend)
  • Specialty (Micro-surfacing aggregate, Seal coat chips, Uniform chips)
  • Stones (rip rap, rail ballast, sewer stones, pipe bedding, weap stones, decorative…)
  • Winter sand (natural, premixed and chloride free blends)
  • Any other combination of sand, gravel, clay and stone can be ordered.


Other products produced and sold: (Beet juice based)

  • Eco Friendly Deicing agents
  • Eco Friendly Asphalt release agents
  • Eco Friendly Corrosion Free Tire Ballast